Friends of Kilbuck Lodge

P.O. Box 33, Clinton Avenue

Oakdale, Pa. 15071-1128

Boy Scout Troop 248 will be celebrating 75 years of Scouting in Oakdale Borough in 2008. We are looking forward to a grand celebration in a neighborhood that has supported us throughout the years.

In preparation for our anniversary we have a large task that we our currently undertaking. We have been blessed with the stewardship of a 150+-year-old log cabin that is used for our Scouting functions and meetings throughout the year. There are several repairs which need to be done to preserve its historic background and allow it to be used for Scouting and Oakdale’s residents. The cabin, know as “Kilbuck Lodge”, was originally located on one of Allegheny County’s oldest homestead owned by the McKee family. In 1932 the cabin was dismantled and loaded onto horse drawn wagons and moved to its current site on Clinton Avenue in the heart of Oakdale Borough. Kilbuck Lodge, which has witnessed the growth and development of our state and nation, has served the youth of Oakdale well over the past three quarters of a century. Boy Scout Troop 248 has met in the cabin since 1932 and been supported over the years by the American Legion Post 171 of Oakdale. American Legion Post 171 holds title to the land the cabin resides on, and the title states that the troop will have access to the cabin and the property as long as Scouting continues on the site.

A group of concerned individuals have joined together to form "The Friends of Kilbuck Lodge" and with the graciousness of American Legion Post 171 have entered into an agreement to purchase the property for the sum of $1.00. The goal of "The Friends of Kilbuck Lodge" is to ensure that the cabin and property will remain in its present location, and be maintained and available as a meeting lodge for Boy Scout Troop 248 as long as the troop desires to use the structure. Significant cabin repairs are needed to maintain the cabin, as well as necessary updates to render the cabin compliant with applicable codes. The cabin, once restored, could also serve as a community wide meeting lodge for other groups.

We have maintained the cabin and property to the best of our ability with the limited funds we have raised over the years. Our primary goal has always been to serve the youth of Oakdale Borough, North Fayette, Imperial, South Fayette, Collier, Bridgeville, McDonald, Moon, Robinson, and Findlay Townships who have been dedicated to Scouting. After the flood of 2001 we raised money to repair the footbridge across Robinson Run Creek that was washed out. We were fortunate to have volunteer and Oakdale Borough help, and received material donations from local businesses to complete this project successfully. However, the cabin requires a complete disassembly, log restoration and rebuilding, and the addition of restroom and office facilities with an adequate heating and electrical system.

The "Friends of Kilbuck Lodge" are in the process of preparing a Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) grant application through the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, to procure the necessary funding to purchase the property and restore the cabin for use for future generations. We ask that you provide support of the application by submitting a letter of support to DCED at the following address, with a copy to us:

Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development
400 North Street, 4th Floor
Commonwealth Keystone Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225

Attn: Single Source Application #7013883

We also would welcome any and all suggestions, matching funds, leads, or additional assistance your office can help us in this huge undertaking.

We would like to extend a warm welcome if you would like to come to Oakdale and visit Boy Scout Troop 248 and Kilbuck Lodge.

Respectfully yours

Friends of Kilbuck Lodge